It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend Edwin for a position at your organization. In my capacity as owner and founder at The Cultivated Co., I have worked closely with Edwin for nearly 4yrs now. During his time here, Edwin has proved himself a hard-working and responsible individual and I am delighted to provide this letter of recommendation on his behalf. Edwin’s remarkable talents for problem-solving, communication and overall creativity make him uniquely qualified to join your team. I have managed Edwin in stressful and complicated projects requiring high levels of creativity and understanding: He met every challenge and tackled every problem with ease. Edwin is not only a useful individual asset to our company, but was also a cooperative and attentive team-player. His actions consistently inspired and motivated our other employees. Team members who were lost, confused or off-task were brought back on task by him without judgment. Since working with Edwin, I have grown to respect both his work ethic and his problem-solving skills. I am confident that Edwin would be a valuable and positive addition to your company, and I am happy to give him my highest recommendation.

Tyler Cruse
Owner, Founder
The Cultivated Co.
Some people come into your life for a season, and some people stay in your life no matter what season it is. From traveling and doing ministry together, obtaining the business of New York Times Best Selling Author Grant Cardone, to his family assisting me with their church and hospitality while I had to say goodbye to my mother as we lay her to rest. These seasons were all different, yet extremely important to each other. You see, regardless of how little or large these different points of my life were, the unshakable foundation was the friendship I have with Edwin. His ability to face problems and tackle ideas head-on is insurmountable to anyone I’ve met. We’ve had the opportunity over the years to work on many projects together, and I’ve seen his skill level take quantum leaps in how well his expertise is. Not only that but every time we would come up with an idea, Edwin wouldn’t JUST get it done, he would blow my expectation out of the water. With his keen ability to listen, he takes your vision and then translates it into something that makes your jaw drop. His heart is of gold and has a fierce passion for this type of position. I know this because Edwin isn’t the type of person to jump from one thing to the next. He has remained focused on his craft for decades and has never neglected to infuse his passion into his career or life. Growing up I would always see him carrying a sketchbook, a camera, and a contagious smile. Not picking him for this position would not be a disservice to him, since I know in my heart that no matter what you decide, he’ll be a part of something great. I believe he would not only be a valuable asset for your company but a loyal and innovative colleague that can lead your company to success.

Christian Santiago
Founder Of Aeon Media Group

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